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Influencer Marketing Amid SAG-AFTRA Strike: Navigating Challenges, Driving Innovation

The ongoing Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) strike is a challenging terrain for the entertainment industry. Productions have come to a standstill, and actors are stepping back from promotional activities. This new landscape poses a unique set of challenges for influencer marketing, particularly when it comes to supporting streaming brands and entertainment studios.

With many influencers being part of, or sympathetic to, SAG-AFTRA, their willingness to promote content during the strike may be restricted. This adds a layer of complexity to the influencer marketing strategies of our clients. However, challenges can breed innovation.

Despite these constraints, influencers can continue to play a critical role in supporting brands during these difficult times.

Here are some strategies that Influencer Marketing Agency UK can adopt to navigate this uncharted territory while remaining sensitive to the circumstances of the strike:

  1. Advocate for Brand Values: In the absence of specific shows or films to promote, influencers can bring to the fore the broader values and commitments of the brands. They can highlight the brands’ dedication to quality, fair industry practices, and their supportive stance towards the creative workforce.
  2. Highlight Evergreen Content: With new releases on hold, influencers can delve into a brand’s existing catalogue. By re-engaging audiences with discussions about favourite moments from past shows or spotlighting overlooked content, influencers can keep audiences entertained and connected.
  3. Promote Non-Strike-Impacted Content: Content not affected by the strike, such as reality shows, documentaries, or animated features, still offers promotional opportunities. Influencers can leverage this material to help maintain brand visibility.
  4. Host Virtual Events: Influencers can foster a sense of community and keep interest in the brand alive through virtual events. Watch parties for older shows, industry-related Q&A sessions, and interactive quizzes can provide engaging touch points for audiences.
  5. Maintain Transparency and Show Solidarity: Influencers can use their platforms to openly communicate about the ongoing strike, advocating for fair industry practices and standing with the affected workforce. This transparent approach can build trust with audiences who value authenticity. Moreover, this authentic communication can benefit streaming companies by reinforcing their brand values and commitment to fair industry practices, fostering deeper relationships with their audiences, and potentially increasing brand loyalty in the long term.

While these strategies demand adaptability and innovation, they uphold the principles of influencer marketing and respect the realities of the SAG-AFTRA strike.