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Increase the awareness of Socios amongst West Ham fans about the partnership and product

3D mobile phone render

Socios has an existing partnership with West Ham, however, they hadn’t activated or utilised their assets due to the product not being released yet. As a new brand and concept, the key challenge they faced was educating fans about their product whilst trying to get fans onside and excited about the partnership.

The content needed to depict the product and how it actually works, in terms of fan voting. As fans play a crucial role in the success of Socios, we wanted the content to revolve around them so a select group of fans were invited to partake in several polls. We wanted to surprise these fans so they were invited thinking it would be the media team interviewing them however to their surprise they were met by 3 of West Ham’s players, Michail Antonio, Mark Noble, and Ryan Federiks who were the interviewers.

The questions and the content were aligned with the assets that Socios were granted by the club so all the polls were centred around these to ensure they were maximising the voting options they had.

We created several cut downs, for press and digital to be used by West Ham and Socios along with creating shorter animated versions to be more engaging for social content.