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A documentary raising awareness about Racism within football

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Powerful, viral content can be a game changer. It can create cultural, educational movements, tackle society’s key issues and encourage positive social change to better the world as we know it. We co-produced 'Micah Richards Tackling Racism’ for Sky, the documentary has since been aired on Sky Sports, Sky Premier League and has been labelled a ‘Must Watch’.

Footballer and first-hand sufferer of racial abuse, Micah Richards became a vital element to spearhead this documentary filmmaking. Micah is joined by key figureheads such as Andy Cole, Sanjay Bhandari, Gary Neville and Policy Managers from Facebook, for a series of honest, evocative and revealing discussions.

Through these series of candid and challenging films, the documentary offers a considered, fair and constructive contribution to the fight against racism within football and beyond the confines of the playing field.

Micah Richards also hosted a live Q&A on his Twitter and posted across all his social channels.

Tackling Racisim
Tackling Racisim
Tackling Racisim
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