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Sky: 'Micah Richards - Tackling Racism'

We are delighted to announce that New Stance are co-producing a new Sky documentary, ‘Micah Richards Tackling Racism’. Airing in October, former England and Premier League footballer, Micah Richards explores the true scale of the racism problem in British football, and what can be done about it.

Titled Micah Richards - Tackling Racism, the film aims to uncover the areas of the game that are affected by racism with the objective of seeking real answers, solutions and achievable targets moving forward, making the game safer and more inclusive for all.

We will be working closely with Kick It Out, English football’s equality and inclusion organisation, throughout the making of the film.

Micah Richards: “I was thrilled to be asked to present such an important documentary for football, at a time when we need efforts to combat racism to stay high priority. As a player, I have witnessed first-hand the effects of racism, both directed personally at me and also my teammates, here in England and abroad. I am keen to really examine where the heart of the problem lies, looking at the clubs, the governing bodies, as well as the role of both traditional and social media companies, politics, society and culture. It’s crucial that people, especially younger generations, are fully aware of how damaging this kind of abuse is, for those on the receiving end and for those witnessing it. It has the potential to wreck careers and spoil a sport that has achieved so much in terms of talent, popularity and spectacle here and around the world.”

Mark Keisner, CEO at New Stance and Producer of Micah Richards Tackling Racism, said: “I have been going to live football since the age of five and have worked in sports and entertainment marketing with global talent and brands. I can still see this gulf between well-intentioned initiatives for change but then also the reality on the ground. We already know this problem exists and so we wanted to make something that offers an intelligent, considered, fair and constructive contribution to the fight against racism in football, across all levels. Our aim is to help all involved reach real solutions that can build on the great work already being done, truly understand the root of the issues and to continue building on the incredible momentum from the recent Black Lives Matter movement”

Sanjay Bhandari, Chair at Kick It Out, said: “It has been great to work with New Stance and Buzz16 on this important documentary. They fully understand the problems we are tackling on a daily basis. We have been able to provide insights and up-to-date research to support their work. Our aims as a charity are to challenge discrimination, educate on inclusive practice and create opportunities for diverse talent within the game. This documentary will throw a spotlight on the issues and, more importantly, the solutions.”