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New Stance Blog: Q1 2023

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In this blog, you'll find out about the latest trends and updates on social whilst learning about the hottest new influencers that you need to know about now.

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Things to know for Q1 2023

Why influencer marketing will be key this year

With a looming recession, consumers are becoming more careful with how they are spending. Brands must respond to this change in consumer behaviour whilst also spending more wisely too. This is where influencer marketing comes in. The channel offers a strong ROI and is a great source of organic engagement and insights.

Furthermore, Influencer content can be repurposed and used across different media channels, such as social, OOH, and even TV advertising. Consumers will look to influencers that they trust for recommendations that are worth their money. From an influencer and campaign side, it is important for content to be nuanced and sensitive to the financial situation that many people are facing. Creators know their audiences better than anyone else and communicate with them on a day-to-day basis. It is therefore important to give influencers the creative freedom in order for them to connect with their followers in the most authentic way.

Tik Tok prioritising slideshows

At the end of 2022, TikTok added a ‘slideshow’ feature to the platform, arguably rivalling Instagram’s Carousel feature. The format is specifically for sharing photos but creators can also add music to their posts, and it’s also a great story telling device. This new feature is being prioritised in the algorithm so it’s one brands should consider using in 2023.

Valentines Day

TikTok reportedly has disclosed in 2021, 68% of users say the app inspired unplanned purchases around Valentine’s Day with 44% of users utilising the app for gift ideas for their loved ones.



Verticals: FMCG

Nguyen bases her content around food. Nguyen regularly visits restaurants in London and shows her audience what she orders. She also shares recipes to make at home. Her audience is extremely engaged and has an average engagement rate of 10.17%. Nguyen is also transitioning into Daily Vlog Videos and GRWM videos.



Verticals: Beauty

William is a British makeup artist, best known for his show-stopping makeup. His TikTok account has over 800,000 followers. Although William is already an established creator, his following has grown by over 100,000 over the past month so he's definitely one to watch in 2023!



Vertical: Lifestyle & Entertainment

Isaac is a student-athlete that started his TikTok in November 2020 to document his journey of growing out his hair. While doing so his talent for reviewing products and content in a comedic way came to life. He has now branched out beyond his hair journey content and produces ‘day with me,’ reviews and reaction-style content, in his now trademark, unique humorous style. In the last month, he has grown his following by 10% and it’s climbing at a very fast pace.



Come February, Instagram will have another shuffle around of the platform's buttons. The create shortcut will be moved to the bottom centre of the screen, replacing the reel button currently on centre stage. The reel button will now move to the right and replace the shop button. Fear not though, as IG is not removing the shop function, it will now be accessed through discover or via ads, in-feed posts or stories and reels.

Tik Tok


In case you missed this platform update in December, TikTok has added a feature that lets users know why a video has appeared on your ‘For You” feed. Based on the TikTok recommendations system powered by their technical models, users will be given three bullet points breaking down why they are seeing the content. This button can be found by clicking on the share button which then allows you to discover ‘Why This Video’ on the bottom row of buttons.


Coming in February, there will be an option to post long-form tweets, so gone will be the days of multi-thread tweets… ok maybe not, maybe just shorter threads now. It’s being tipped by Musk himself that the tweets will still appear in regular size in the ‘Twitter stream,’ with the option to ‘show more’ of the tweet.