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Data & Insights

Our in-house team of digital experts and analysts are constantly measuring audiences and engagement to inform and adapt our strategy to drive maximum return on investment.

Phonetik Pulse is our owned network that puts data at the centre of it all. We work with a growing list of technologies to infer insights from. Our technology partners specialise in elements such as media targeting, optimisation, influencer outreach, content creation, and platforms.

Social Media Mgmt.

We work with our clients to understand what their short and long term aims are. We individually tailor and develop a plan and the framework for each client’s social media strategy.

We work together to determine objectives, establish what needs to be accomplished and set out a plan as to how we can achieve their aims.

Stakeholder Mgmt.

We work with our clients stakeholders which can include their team, ambassadors, teams etc to manage the media, expectations and interests of all parties. This ensures that our clients are not having to worry about upcoming media requests or appearances as we will ensure that this is taken care of in their best interests.

Content Curation

Our in house creative, social, digital and video production services produce cross-channel content for talent and brands. We work with our insights team to ensure a data lead strategy providing maximum brand value.

We have the capabilities of turning around content in 2 hours ensuring we can provide reactive content responding to real time events.


We offer creative, agile PR strategies that allow us to amplify your brand with the right audiences through channels that align with your key objectives.

We leverage our connections to gain exposure for your brand at the right time, in the right place. Our data first approach gives us unique insights that underpin all of our storytelling.

Brand Partnership

Commercialisation plays an integral role in all the services we offer.

Our brand partnership strategies give you ultimate visibility. We have an extensive network of connections that ensure we’re able to deliver long lasting partnerships that enhance both your brand positioning and your return on investment.